Cheatsheet King 2016 Redesign

2016 marks the 6th year anniversary of Cheatsheet King! Our website has had the same look and feel since 2010, so this year we decided to redesign the site.

Here are a few of the changes we made:

Bigger Cheatsheets

The original website was confined to a somewhat narrow area in the center of the page and it made everything look smaller, including the players on the cheatsheet.  This year, there are no borders and the cheatsheet takes up the full width of the page.  Players faces are larger and their names stand out more.  The size of the logo and the top menu are now smaller which allows more players to be visible on the page.

Easier Navigation

The original menu was bulky and contained links that were not often used, such as “Blog” and “Links”.  The new menu is smaller and inline with the header.  It only contains links for viewing and creating cheatsheets and logging in or logging out.  All of the lesser used links have been moved to the footer.

Faster Site

The new site runs faster.  Creating and editing cheatsheets and general navigation speed have all been improved.

Those are the main improvements to the website to start the 2016 fantasy football season. There were a lot of other minor adjustments made along the way, including our new Facebook page!

With the redesign, Cheatsheet King continues to offer a complete set of tools to help you customize your fantasy football cheatsheets, all for free:

  • Group players into tiers
  • Add and remove players from your cheatsheet
  • Compare players
  • Customize scoring settings to compare player stats
  • Draft from your phone using the mobile site
  • Print a one page cheatsheet

Check out the new design and let us know what you think.  If you enjoy using Cheatsheet King, like us on Facebook!

Cheatsheet Trends for August 25th 2015

We are just over two weeks away from the start of the season. Below are the top movers through August 25th 2015. Arian Foster (HOU RB), Jordy Nelson (GB WR) and Rob Gronkowksi (NE TE) have become the top plungers over the last couple of weeks. Matt Jones (WSH RB) has become the top riser.

Moving UP….. Players making the biggest jump up the cheatsheet
QB Alex Smith (KC QB)
RB Matt Jones (WSH RB)
WR Mohamed Sanu (CIN WR)
TE Heath Miller (PIT TE)
K Josh Brown (NYG K)
D/ST Cowboys D/ST (DAL D/ST)
Moving DOWN….. Players taking the biggest plunge down the cheatsheet
QB Mark Sanchez (PHI QB)
RB Arian Foster (HOU RB)
WR Jordy Nelson (GB WR)
TE Rob Gronkowski (NE TE)
K Shayne Graham (NO K)
D/ST Jaguars D/ST (JAC D/ST)


Early 2015 Cheatsheet Trends

The 2015 fantasy football draft season is here.  Cheatsheets are being perfected and we are noticing some early cheat sheet customization trends, especially at the running back position.

Moving UP….. Players making the biggest jump up the cheatsheet
QB Alex Smith (KC QB)
RB Zac Stacy (NYJ RB)
WR Mohamed Sanu (CIN WR)
TE Heath Miller (PIT TE)
K Josh Brown (NYG K)
D/ST Cowboys D/ST (DAL D/ST)
Moving DOWN….. Players taking the biggest plunge down the cheatsheet
QB Mark Sanchez (PHI QB)
RB Chris Polk (HOU RB)
WR Markus Wheaton (PIT WR)
TE Jordan Reed (WSH TE)
K Shayne Graham (NO K)
D/ST Jaguars D/ST (JAC D/ST)


The Fantasy Football Calendar

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Pruning Your Cheatsheet

New for 2014, we have added the ability to add and remove players from your cheatsheet.

This feature is intended to help further customize your cheatsheet so that you are not limited by the standard set of players.

For your deeper leagues, ones with more than 14 teams or with deep rosters and benches, you may need to add additional players to your cheatsheet. This will keep you from scrambling at the end of the draft if your cheatsheet has been exhausted.

For the standard 12 team leagues and smaller, the standard cheatsheet that we offer is probably too deep. You’ll want to remove players and keep your printed cheatsheet to a single page. Hopefully, you are not still printing your cheatsheets!

Adding and removing players should also come in handy when we do projection updates. In the past, you were able to view the list of updates and select which players to add or remove. This feature has been replaced by the new add and remove feature. This should give you more flexibility, plus the added benefit of being able to remove any player from your cheatsheet, not just the ones removed from the projection updates.

Add and Remove menu items

Add and Remove menu items

Add Players to your cheatsheet

Add Players to your cheatsheet

Remove Players from your cheatsheet

Remove Players from your cheatsheet

Don’t forget to check out the mobile site so that you can rank your players while at work or on the go.

Live Drafts Just Got Easier

We are proud to announce that Draft Mode is now available on Cheatsheet King Mobile!

Draft Mode allows you to draft players from your cheatsheet during your live fantasy draft. When its your turn to draft, you can pick any available player from your cheatsheet and they will get added to your team. When players get drafted by other owners, you can scratch the player off of your cheatsheet. Draft Mode tracks all of the players on your cheatsheet as they get drafted by you or your fellow owners.

You can go into Draft Mode with any of your saved cheatsheets. Draft Mode looks very similar to the standard cheatsheet. Just like a standard cheatsheet, you can shift players up and down in your rankings. In addition, Draft Mode has a split screen that shows your drafted players at the top and your rankings at the bottom. Each player can be drafted to your team, removed from your team, marked unavailable, or marked available.

Cheatsheet King Mobile - Draft Mode

Now all you really need at your draft is your mobile device. No more pen and paper, no more highlighting, underlining, circling and scratching off players.

To start using Draft Mode, login to Cheatsheet King Mobile, go to ‘My Cheatsheets’, and click the ‘Draft’ link for the league you want to draft.

Use Draft Mode during your upcoming drafts and good luck in your 2013 season!

Mobile Cheatsheets for your Fantasy Draft

We are fast approaching the 2013 fantasy draft season. Over the next five weeks we will all be participating in mock drafts, reading up on the latest fantasy analysis and using all of that accumulated knowledge to perfect our cheatsheets.

New this year, Cheatsheet King is available to you on your mobile device! YEAAAH!

Cheatsheet King Mobile is the mobile friendly version of Cheatsheet King. Cheatsheet King Mobile is designed so that you can customize your rankings on your Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or other mobile device.

With your mobile cheatsheet, you can go completely paperless at your draft! Just take grab your device, pull up your cheatsheet, and start drafting. Unlike a printed cheatsheet, you can edit your rankings on the fly during your draft.

Cheatsheet King Mobile

Cheatsheet King Mobile

The mobile site makes it simple to adjust your player rankings. Instead of the drag and drop style that you’re used to on, you just have to click a button to shift a player up and down in your rankings.

What’s also nice is that all of your ranking changes are automatically saved!

If you have created cheatsheets already on, you will have access to those cheatsheets on the mobile site as well.

Don’t wait to start perfecting your rankings for the draft. Whip out your phone, go to, and start tweaking your rankings anytime, anywhere.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Have Fun!

Customize Your 2013 Fantasy Football Cheatsheet

The NBA Finals is over and you know what that means….time to get ready for your fantasy football draft.

Cheatsheet King is back and better with the latest rankings, projections and stats for you to build your draft winning cheatsheets for 2013.

Our cheatsheet pages have received some modest UI updates for a cleaner appearance and to make it easier for you to customize your league settings.

Which rookie running backs will you put in your upper tiers? Montee Ball, DEN, Le’Veon Bell, PIT, Eddie Lacy, GB, or Giovani Bernard, CIN?

How will guys like Percy Harvin, SEA WR, Mike Wallace, MIA WR, and Reggie Bush, DET RB thrive in their new homes?

Make sure you pay attention to these things when fine tuning your cheatsheets.

Start customizing early this year and make adjustments as preseason and depth charts evolve.

Create a cheatsheet with tiers or a standard cheatsheet today!

Good Luck!

2012 Cheatsheets Are Available

The wait is over.

Cheatsheet King is back and ready to lead your fantasy football team to a winning draft.

Create your 2012 cheatsheets based on the latest projections.

Rank the the hottest rookies like Trent Richardson, CLE RB, Robert Griffin III, WSH QB, and Justin Blackmon, JAC WR.

Pay attention to guys who have found new homes like Payton Manning, DEN QB and Vincent Jackson, TB WR.

What will your draft strategy be this year? RB-RB, RB-WR-QB, QB-RB, WR-RB-RB?

Let your cheatsheet guide you.

It’s up to you to get your rankings in order and enter your draft with confidence!

Create your cheatsheet now!

Create a cheatsheet with tiers or a standard cheatsheet.

Let’s Go!

Cheatsheet Trust – Trusting your cheatsheet at the draft

Your fantasy football draft is coming up on the 7th round. All of the teams are starting to flesh out and you have a good feel for each team’s identity. The adrenaline level has tapered off just slightly. Nevertheless, the next 5 or 6 rounds will be a grind.

Notice how some of your opponents are shuffling papers, frantically tabbing through websites, trying to beat the clock and make their next pick.

You evaluate your roster, focus on the weak spots, and ponder your next pick. There are a number of directions you can go this round – another running back or receiver, a quarterback, a tight end, or you may be one of the first to grab a defense. It all depends on your and the other teams’ needs.

The confidence with which you make your next pick can be determined by answering one simple question: “Do you trust your cheatsheet?”

Trusting your cheatsheet means that you firmly believe that you have ranked all of the players, from the first pick to the last (grouped by position). It means that when you are in the later rounds of your draft and you want a receiver, you’ll take the 47th ranked receiver over the 48th ranked receiver every time. Why? Because your cheatsheet says so!

Now that may sound like common sense, but is not always the case with fantasy players. A lot of times our cheatsheet is simply a guide. An outline. Players with similar expectations are grouped together, but there is no determining factor that says one player should be picked over another.

This may be intentional (you may have divided your cheatsheet into tiers). Or it may be from a lack of preparation.

Yes, tiers are great and highly recommended. Tiers give you flexibility during the draft. They allow you to improvise and be in the moment. You may see two players that you consider to be dead even as far as rank. Your instincts and existing player knowledge at that moment will determine which player to draft.

But cheatsheet trust is about putting in the preparation ahead of time so you can focus your energy on strategy and team analysis during the draft. Rather than trying to determine who’s the better running back – RB#54 or RB#56.

How To Establish Cheatsheet Trust

1. Put in the time.

Establishing cheatsheet trust requires a fair amount of preparation prior to the draft. You should start customizing your cheatsheet at least a month prior to the draft. This will give you enough time to focus on the entire cheatsheet, not just the top half.

Continue to do your player research and fine tune your cheatsheet up until draft day.

2. Don’t neglect the lower ranks.

In order to trust your cheatsheet from the number one pick all the way down to Mr. Irrelevant, you’ll need to spend time fine tuning the bottom half of your rankings.

It’s always a lot of fun ranking the top players. Figuring out how the first few rounds will play out according to your draft position is great. It easy to spend a lot of time thinking about who you’re 1st 3 or 4 picks will be. As you approach the middle to lower ranks, the players are less familiar so its not as fun and takes more time.

Analyzing and customizing these rankings, however, will pay off as you enter the later rounds of your draft. You’ll be familiar the 3rd and 4th string players while your league mates are asking, “What position does he play?” or “Who is that?” You can talk smack when someone unknowingly picks a guy who just got cut. He was probably ranked higher on every one’s cheatsheet, except yours because you put in the extra prep time and moved him down in your rankings.

Remember, your time and effort at the draft should only be on strategy and the analysis of you and your opponents’ teams. What position do you need to fill? What do the other teams need to fill? Do you need to fill it immediately, or can you afford to wait?

Once you have identified the position you are going to pick, let your cheatsheet do the rest.

Cheatsheet Trust will empower you to make timely, confident draft picks throughout the entirety of your draft. It will give you an edge on your opponents and allow you to capitalize on their lack of knowledge of the entire draft pool. It will also allow you to focus on strategy and team analysis instead of player analysis. You will need to put in a good amount of preparation in order to establish cheatsheet trust. Start building your cheatsheet at least a month prior to your draft and revisit it often. Focus on the middle and lower rankings. Your will see the results of all your hard work on draft day.