Mobile Cheatsheets for your Fantasy Draft

We are fast approaching the 2013 fantasy draft season. Over the next five weeks we will all be participating in mock drafts, reading up on the latest fantasy analysis and using all of that accumulated knowledge to perfect our cheatsheets.

New this year, Cheatsheet King is available to you on your mobile device! YEAAAH!

Cheatsheet King Mobile is the mobile friendly version of Cheatsheet King. Cheatsheet King Mobile is designed so that you can customize your rankings on your Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or other mobile device.

With your mobile cheatsheet, you can go completely paperless at your draft! Just take grab your device, pull up your cheatsheet, and start drafting. Unlike a printed cheatsheet, you can edit your rankings on the fly during your draft.

Cheatsheet King Mobile

Cheatsheet King Mobile

The mobile site makes it simple to adjust your player rankings. Instead of the drag and drop style that you’re used to on, you just have to click a button to shift a player up and down in your rankings.

What’s also nice is that all of your ranking changes are automatically saved!

If you have created cheatsheets already on, you will have access to those cheatsheets on the mobile site as well.

Don’t wait to start perfecting your rankings for the draft. Whip out your phone, go to, and start tweaking your rankings anytime, anywhere.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Have Fun!