Live Drafts Just Got Easier

We are proud to announce that Draft Mode is now available on Cheatsheet King Mobile!

Draft Mode allows you to draft players from your cheatsheet during your live fantasy draft. When its your turn to draft, you can pick any available player from your cheatsheet and they will get added to your team. When players get drafted by other owners, you can scratch the player off of your cheatsheet. Draft Mode tracks all of the players on your cheatsheet as they get drafted by you or your fellow owners.

You can go into Draft Mode with any of your saved cheatsheets. Draft Mode looks very similar to the standard cheatsheet. Just like a standard cheatsheet, you can shift players up and down in your rankings. In addition, Draft Mode has a split screen that shows your drafted players at the top and your rankings at the bottom. Each player can be drafted to your team, removed from your team, marked unavailable, or marked available.

Cheatsheet King Mobile - Draft Mode

Now all you really need at your draft is your mobile device. No more pen and paper, no more highlighting, underlining, circling and scratching off players.

To start using Draft Mode, login to Cheatsheet King Mobile, go to ‘My Cheatsheets’, and click the ‘Draft’ link for the league you want to draft.

Use Draft Mode during your upcoming drafts and good luck in your 2013 season!

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