Cheatsheet King 2016 Redesign

2016 marks the 6th year anniversary of Cheatsheet King! Our website has had the same look and feel since 2010, so this year we decided to redesign the site.

Here are a few of the changes we made:

Bigger Cheatsheets

The original website was confined to a somewhat narrow area in the center of the page and it made everything look smaller, including the players on the cheatsheet.  This year, there are no borders and the cheatsheet takes up the full width of the page.  Players faces are larger and their names stand out more.  The size of the logo and the top menu are now smaller which allows more players to be visible on the page.

Easier Navigation

The original menu was bulky and contained links that were not often used, such as “Blog” and “Links”.  The new menu is smaller and inline with the header.  It only contains links for viewing and creating cheatsheets and logging in or logging out.  All of the lesser used links have been moved to the footer.

Faster Site

The new site runs faster.  Creating and editing cheatsheets and general navigation speed have all been improved.

Those are the main improvements to the website to start the 2016 fantasy football season. There were a lot of other minor adjustments made along the way, including our new Facebook page!

With the redesign, Cheatsheet King continues to offer a complete set of tools to help you customize your fantasy football cheatsheets, all for free:

  • Group players into tiers
  • Add and remove players from your cheatsheet
  • Compare players
  • Customize scoring settings to compare player stats
  • Draft from your phone using the mobile site
  • Print a one page cheatsheet

Check out the new design and let us know what you think.  If you enjoy using Cheatsheet King, like us on Facebook!