Introducing Tier View

You asked for it. It’s what every good cheatsheet needs. It’s how every accomplished fantasy football player approaches their draft. And now you can do it at Cheatsheet King…

Divide your cheatsheet into tiers with Tier View.

Tier View is our newest feature that lets you customize your cheatsheet even further by grouping players into tiers. Tier View uses the same drag and drop interface as our standard cheatsheet. But instead of one long list of player rankings, the cheatsheet is divided into customizable tiers.

Tiering is a cheatsheet technique where players of similar fantasy output are grouped together. Tiers are typically created for each position. So all of your quarterbacks will be grouped into tiers, all of your running backs will be grouped into tiers and so on.

Grouping your players this way allows you rank players more broadly according to where you would take them in the draft. Your first tier at a given position usually includes the top 2 or 3 players at that position. The studs. For running backs, these are those few guys who are head and shoulders above the rest. These are usually the top 3 overall draft picks.

The same goes for quarterbacks and wide receivers. However, your first tier QBs and WRs shouldn’t necessarily be drafted in the first round. It just means that when it is time for you to take a QB or WR, try to get a guy from your first tier, or the highest available tier.

Only the first tier will contain 2 or 3 players. The following tiers will gradually contain more and more players as the players start to even out in fantasy performance.

Cheatsheet King’s Tier View sets the default tier size to 8 players.

How to Use Tier View

Create a new cheatsheet in Tier View here. You can also click the ‘Create Cheatsheet with Tiers’ button on the home page or under on the My Cheatsheets page.

Create a Cheat Sheet with Tiers

Drag and drop players to adjust your rankings. Players can be moved within and across tiers. To add a new tier, click the space between two players. The will split the tier into two, thus creating a new tier. To remove a tier, move all of the players from tier into another tier and the tier will automatically be removed.

To print a Tier View cheatsheet, you must first have a Cheatsheet King account and you must save your cheatsheet. Once you do that, you will notice the ‘Print’ button on your cheatsheet. Clicking the ‘Print’ button will take you to a single-page view of your cheatsheet will all of your rankings at each position divided into tiers.

Print Cheat Sheet with Tiers

Tier View does not support the ‘Top 200’ view.